There have been several major transitions in our thinking about the way Indian villages have become vibrant laboratories for rural innovations and entrepreneurship. Right from the community development days, many experiments were done, some localized successes were achieved, but by and large many of these worthy rural innovations lie cocooned in their respective villages and others could not take advantage of it. The Jamnalal Bajaj Social Development Project has taken an initiative for helping innovators all over the country. This will be a national register of innovations which helps any individual to replicate these remarkable innovations in their own lives and convert them into viable business opportunities.
How to do this Technology?


The technology includes equipment and systems based upon solar, wind, biomass and muscle power;
  • Solar cookers of family and community types and parabolic types for frying
  • Solar stills, solar water heaters
  • Solar photovoltaic systems for pumping water, for street lights and for running televisions and radio sets.
  • Wind energy conversion systems like wind-mills and aero-generators